Getting an internship, especially with an impressive company like Vidyo, is an amazing experience. I was a Creative Services intern that quickly realized learning new techniques, under a skilled mentor,  while building professional relationships in an actual work environment is completely different than reading about it in a classroom textbook.

But what happens after that internship is finished?

Interns who finish Vidyo’s Summer Internship Program return to a fresh semester with new and valuable skills: Knowledge of applying their learned techniques to real world projects and connecting easier with mentors and fellow students. Vidyo also has plenty of possibilities for the still-student: Contract (or freelance) jobs, as well as staying in touch with employees through LinkedIn for recommendations or future positions. And for you degree holders or interns with full availability: There are always possibilities to extend internships, which may even lead to full-time positions with Vidyo!

As for me – I was unable to commit to a full-time schedule with Vidyo; I was going back to school with a full load of classes, working two part-time jobs … and starting another internship! The knowledge I gained while working with my mentor, Stephanie (the Creative Director), was just incredible and allowed me to be very successful in both the new internship position I had taken and in my new classes. The tasks I had completed during my internship at Vidyo really put the skills I had learned in school to the test, which let me develop them in a real world setting – something I definitely would not get by just studying.

Continuing my other internship this year, I was contacted by my mentor at Vidyo to join her team, once again. This time around I was hired as a contractor to help with Vidyo’s website.

During the seven months that I was away from Vidyo, I continuously practiced and improved my skill and understanding of web and graphic design. This allowed me to come back ready to really knock out tasks assigned to me in my new role.

My internship at Vidyo helped me to really identify my weaknesses and strengths. I was able to zero in on the skills that needed work while continuing to enhance my front-end web development skills so that I can be successful in a future similar position.

So here are some of my key takeaways from my internship experience:

  •      The opportunity to work in a real world setting
  •      The ability to test my skills and the knowledge I obtained in school
  •      Learning to network and communicate professionally with peers and mentors
  •      Understanding that there are always future opportunities – even if they don’t appear immediately

So take what you’ve learned during any internship and practice those skills outside of school and work… and don’t hesitate to make new projects for yourself!


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