How Video Shopping Impacts Brands and Businesses

March 28, 2022
  by Blog Team
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Video shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to the boom in online shopping, consumers have countless global brands at their fingertips. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, scarcity is not a problem.

Video shopping is defined as using videos to buy and sell products or services online. With video, customers can make a confident and educated buying decision from the comfort of their homes (Business of Apps, 2021). Video also enables sales consultants to give their undivided attention to a customer, helping to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.


“75% of buyers and sellers now prefer virtual sales meetings over face-to-face interactions.”

-Zendesk (2022)

Who’s taking advantage of video shopping?

Adidas is a great example of a brand that implements the best of in-person experiences with technology. For example, their LDN store incorporates in-store virtual shopping, Adidas app integration throughout the store, product customization, upcoming products sections, and more. This is definitely a corporate budget we all aspire to have.

Multiple other brands like Aldo, Samsung, and Sephora have taken a similar, yet more simplistic route to our video shopping definition with live streams. Despite lacking the 1:1 feature, customers enjoy these live streams and the interactive abilities they have. Sales representatives can link products, answer questions, and offer exclusive discounts during these live streams.

What impacts does Video Shopping have on Businesses?

Increased conversion rates

According to Shop Studio Live (n.d.), the top 3 reasons people abandon their shopping carts are because they’re browsing, comparing prices, and high shipping costs.

With one-on-one video shopping, the sales associate can better understand what the customer wants by monitoring their body language, asking questions, and showing them the products via video or screen sharing.

Live demonstration

HD audio-visual technology elevates the “chat to an expert” feature and creates a more interactive and worthwhile experience for the customer. With exceptional video capabilities, the sales expert can:

  1. See and hear in HD anything the customer needs to show them and better understand their needs.
  2. The sales consultant can also show the customer products or demonstrate services and be confident the customer can understand perfectly.

One-on-one connections

Online shopping with video enables the customer and sales associate to build a better connection without distractions. A single person assists the customer from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Also, thanks to easier access to experts, there is a higher chance customers will get the help they need with little to no stress.


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