Air Force Association Case Study Video

“mobile, easy to use, and easily accessible from anywhere – and the cost was right”

With close to 100k members and 200 chapters worldwide, the Air Force Association is transforming their workforce collaboration with Vidyo.

Automatic Transcript:

The Air Force Association is an organization that was developed or stood
up back in 1946 ostensibly to promote a dominant air force
it’s an organization about a hundred thousand members we have about two
hundred chapters throughout the country and overseas that worked with local
bases local constituencies being able to communicate and being able to get the
word out and hear from our members is really key to us so we have to have a
really reliable communication system the reason we needed a video collaboration
was because of finances we have so many meetings where we were bringing
different board members different regional state presidents here to the
area when I arrived about three years ago the organization was in some pretty
severe financial trouble and these meetings were costing us 50 60 70
thousand dollars a shot and it just didn’t make sense we just could not
continue to do that we had to find a solution in which we could offer the
same experience but have very little expense the top three things we needed
out of video collaboration was mobile we need the ease of use and we needed
something that was easily accessible from everywhere and so I heard about
video I actually read up on it I had my CIL do some checking and he came back
and said hey this is a great system it was it was the best solution for us
because it had everything that we were looking for at one time and the cost was
right we implemented it and I got to tell you it’s been a lifesaver certainly
or more specifically it’s been a money saver being able to host a meeting via
video has helped us to really nail down some tough issues that we are struggling
through and being able to see slides and see people’s actual faces and ask
questions as helpdesk to solve some big internal issues that we needed to come
to a closure on once you start using it for one thing you say oh I can use it
for this maybe I can you know use it for this
meeting and then I can do we even have job interviews or internal meetings
external meetings I think companies that want to do it you just start thinking of
the best business case and how much money you could save and it’s an easy sell

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