Delivering high-quality video in remote environments

August 24, 2022

300,000 + Employees 9,800 Locations 32,000 Live Attendees

How a Fortune 100 health solutions company reached every employee with live video, flawlessly

The Challenge: How to deliver live video to every employee, partner and customer from anywhere

Top healthcare company laid out an aggressive yet realistic target to reach every single employee, partner and customer with live video communications, from anywhere.

Knowing that employee inclusiveness and engagement helped propel the organization into the Fortune 100, this Qumu customer—a large healthcare solutions provider— relies heavily on video to communicate with more than 300,000 geographically-dispersed employees. So, when the organization needed to reach every single employee from home, both the delivery and quality of video were major considerations.

The experts at Qumu and LiveU know from experience that achieving high-quality video from remote locations can be challenging, since a steady internet and Wi-Fi connectivity can be unreliable. And this customer needed to guarantee an exceptional video and audio experience for all employees— whether participating in town halls or business unit updates. This case study will cover how Qumu and LiveU, the leading provider of live IP video transmission and distribution solutions, crafted the perfect solution for this forward- thinking client.

Top companies recognize the many advantages to having the right technology at work, especially as it relates to secure video communications. Delivering live video at scale to the enterprise is possible with Qumu and LiveU

Rose Bentley, Qumu President and CEO

The Qumu + LiveU Solution

High-quality and Reliable Live Video Production with Enterprise Video.

The healthcare company took advantage of a unique solution crafted by Qumu and LiveU. This included a new and simplified video production environment. The cloud-based environment improves redundancy for a repeatable and reliable experience. The Qumu Video Engagement Platform manages and optimizes video delivery so that viewers get the best quality.

Executive Webcasting

This client depends on live streaming town hall events and region-specific team video meetings to maintain its inclusive corporate culture where shared wins and personal interactions drive success.

Employee Communications

As a video-first organization, live video is used to bring updates from the various business leaders.

Knowledge Sharing

New and existing employees not only need to understand processes, but also how their work connects to the culture and to other teams.

Remote Workflow

This client mandated a hybrid workflow design. The LiveU advantage allowed them to go live from anywhere, at anytime; whether on premise, in studio, remote from home offices or on the road locations.


Even in the midst of rapid growth and the solution implemented by Qumu and LiveU, the healthcare giant was able to increase employee engagement, streamline internal communications and facilitate collaboration by improving video creation from anywhere.

The Qumu Video Engagement Platform can provide flawless video delivery with advanced analytics to help measure success, increase engagement and expand your reach.


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