Vidyo Healthcare Summit Wrap Video

the conference that video is put on has
been fantastic it’s a nice time I really
like it it’s fun to look at the trends
and where everything is going and it’s
interesting to see all the new
the quality the speakers has been
tremendous and of course the venue is
fantastic this is real time continuing
medical education video leadership
they’re really creating this community
of like-minded folks who want to come
together and share experiences you share
and you hear from others often we
wrestle with similar challenges and
problems as we learned today really
telemedicine is itself is just medicine
and what we’re trying to do here is
bring all of these technology components
we expected the program to be successful
but not quite like vicious an amount of
money even in my area that we spend
hauling people around in a five-mile
radius is astounding that’s money that
could go to serve people who don’t have
I like that there’s so much passion
around here conference is all about
video and telehealth understanding best
practices developing big ideas
celebrating making healthcare better for
everybody and look forward to doing it
again next year
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