Vidyo Supports Omnichannel Solutions

“75% of customer journeys start on mobile, web or social and this trend is only accelerating,” said Merijn te Booij, Executive Vice President of Product and Solution Strategy at Genesys.

In this video, Janelle Matthews, Senior VP Product and Strategy at Genesys, speaks to Vidyo’s importance in the age of omnichannel customer contact

Automatic Transcript:

Genesis is the market leader in
omni-channel engagement solutions
focused on customer experience and the
contact center available both on-premise
and in the cloud ultimately we look to
connect customers to companies across
all channels touch points and journeys
our true mission is really to power the
world’s best customer experiences video
is known for their quality HD level of
video capabilities so that was certainly
attractive to us because a lot of our
customers are at that high end of the
market where their brand very much
aligns to quality and so the
interactions that they need to have with
their customers need to have that level
of quality in it everyone is trying to
differentiate on customer experience
these days I think we’re already in a
place in the market where customer
experience Trump’s brand and price as
the key differentiator and being able to
provide video engagement is a key
differentiator for companies out there
being able to put that smile put the
face to face eye contact behind what
you’re saying is really a key for
personalizing that and when you combine
that with two best-of-breed providers
one with Genesis focusing on the full
avi Channel engagement Center and video
with their focus on quality and
scalability just within video engagement
itself surrounding that with a whole
ecosystem of partners that we have as
well then it sounds like and smells like
success to me the industries that will
benefit the most from video enabled
contact centers are those especially in
the financial services sector the health
care sector even some what may be in
government or retail where they have
those mission-critical moments where
they need to look the person in the eye
they need to see their smile on the
other side and see from their body
language that they have my back in
moment that is going to impact my life
and may affect my family may affect my
future may infect my investments

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