For IT managers today, it’s not so much if you deploy a video conferencing solution, but when will you deploy one, and what key factors should you consider for the specific needs of your company.

A newly published white paper from Wainhouse Research takes a closer look at what factors are driving video collaboration today and what crucial components should be considered when video-enabling your organization including: cloud, scale and quality over mobile.

In fact, Wainhouse Research has highlighted ten areas for IT managers to keep in mind as they navigate the correct course to create the perfect video conferencing experience possible. We’ll focus on three here.

According to the research:

Reliability – “It is vitally important for IT managers to investigate the inherent resiliency of product service platforms in use. For example, to ensure uninterrupted service, cloud service offeringsshould be powered by geographically dispersed servers in professional co-location centers.”

Embedded Video – “IT managers should define their video architecture to support native integration with enterprise tools and systems. Ideally, the environment would offer strong and mature APIs and SDKs to support client-specific requirements (branding/skinning) and allow customers to add video to their core business (e.g. contact center tools, customer service systems, marketing and sales automation engines, etc.).”

Security – “Key areas of focus include support for standards-based encryption, adherence to industry-specific security and privacy regulations (e.g. HIPAA), and a roster of security certifications (e.g. JITC).”

There may be a lot to consider when evaluating the best fit for your video conferencing needs, not the least being selecting a solution that will grow with your company’s future needs. The VidyoWorks software-based platform provides the scale and flexibility a thriving company will require as it expands in head count and global locations. Vidyo is available as a cloud service, an on premises solution and a hybrid model as well. A complete solution that addresses what IT managers truly need. Sign up for a free trial today!

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