Vidyo Powers Five of the Top 10 Telemedicine Solutions Implemented by Hospitals

June 20, 2017
  by Blog Team
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The adoption of telemedicine by healthcare providers is accelerating, as it is essential to achieving the triple aim of healthcare – extending access to care, at the lowest possible cost with the best possible patient outcomes. The adoption of telehealth is expected to double from 2016 to 2018 according to a recent Teladoc survey, and 58% of organizations plan to invest in telemedicine this year according to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

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On June 12th, mHealthIntelligence published an article ranking the top 10 telemedicine solutions by hospital site implementations — not only was Vidyo itself named in the top 10, but the Vidyo technology platform also powers telehealth solutions delivered by five of the other vendors on the list (Iron Bow Technologies, American Well, Philips, Care Innovations and Avizia).

This recognition is both a highlight of Vidyo’s success in telehealth, and a testament to the value of our ecosystem. Throughout the last fiscal year, we added more than 50 major healthcare systems to our fast-growing customer base. Today, more than 50 million patients per year receive their healthcare from a Vidyo-enabled telehealth provider. For example, healthcare systems using remote ICU monitoring services delivered by Advanced ICU Care (which leverages Philips eCareManager, powered by the Vidyo platform) handled more than one million telehealth interactions last year alone.

Instead of relying on generic, siloed collaboration solutions, healthcare providers are turning to Vidyo so that they can keep patient data and visual communications in a single user interface. By easily embedding the Vidyo platform into their existing electronic health record (EHR) systems, patient portals and other workflows, care providers can make the adoption of telemedicine painless for clinicians, and increase patient engagement through a user-friendly virtual visit experience.

The conversation in 2016 was all about connected care. Today, using telemedicine to deliver care to wherever people are and drive clinical efficiencies throughout the care system helps make access to quality care both more patient-centric and cost-effective. Remotely connecting face-to-face with healthcare professionals, in virtually any care setting across the continuum of care, helps all patient populations proactively and preventatively manage their health and wellness — reducing readmissions and episodic care, and opening up a better way forward for critical areas like chronic disease management.

vidyo telehealth

It’s clear why Vidyo is used by over 250 healthcare systems, representing more than 2,500 hospitals — our cloud platform is highly interoperable with third party solutions (such as Cisco and Polycom) and deeply embedded in the leading EHR systems (such as Cerner and Epic), it is highly reliable across 3G/4G and rural/low bandwidth areas and it offers a simplified, unified experience across smartphones, tablets, computers, kiosks and more. Moving forward, the future for Vidyo in telemedicine looks incredibly promising, with the use of emerging technologies within the healthcare space such as the Internet of Things, smart glasses, wearable biometric devices, augmented reality and more. To learn more about how your organization can leverage the power of telemedicine today, download our telemedicine success kit or give us a call to speak with a seasoned telehealth specialist.

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