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January 25, 2017
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The enterprise today is innovation-driven, not task-driven. For software developers who are building mission-critical applications, or for within highly-regulated and security-focused enterprise environments, quality matters in order to solve big problems. These teams, and their stakeholders, are increasingly coming together over mobile devices, and the ability to collaborate and get things done from our smartphones and tablets – from any location – is making the enterprise more agile, nimble and productive.

For years, Vidyo has been diligently refining its industry-leading technology, APIs and SDKs to make embedded video much more accessible for developers and enterprises who are looking to rapidly integrate reliable video chat into their own applications. We have video-enabled hundreds of diverse enterprise-level applications to date using our DNA.

For example, in 2011, Ricoh began using Vidyo as its engine to embed the most resilient, reliable and flexible video technology into their UC systems that serve users across an array of networks and devices. In 2015, Kaiser made Vidyo their first UC investment ever, after launching their MyHealth patient-to-doctor mobile platform. In 2016, NCR tapped us to help power their next-generation ATM, the video-enabled Interactive Teller Machine. Our vision is a video-enabled world – these diverse milestones on our journey show how our company, from our VidyoWorks API platform through our  VidyoCloud  service offering, has taken steps forward each year toward ensuring that the highest-quality, enterprise-grade video collaboration experience is made available to everyone, everywhere, using anything. LogoToday, we’re thrilled to officially announce a new growth engine – the launch of our self-service developer platform, which lets developers quickly and easily embed this same enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted, multiparty RTC video collaboration into any web, mobile or native application on virtually any device. Whether you are developing for smartphones, or the latest connected hardware such as smart glasses or drones, we believe that enterprise-grade embedded video should be simple. provides SDKs for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and web browsers (WebRTC and plugin), with a consistent API that speeds time to market and lowers costs.

Designed to meet and exceed the mission-critical needs of the enterprise, is helping leading organizations around the globe, that are working to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, to better connect with all of their stakeholders in a way that is more sustainable, more efficient, more inclusive and more transparent. Thanks to our patented video routing and adaptive video layering technology, along with our cloud-hosted APIs and SDKs, all developers can trust that they are providing their users with the highest-quality mobile video experience available – with no on-premises infrastructure management or deep technical knowledge of video required. is built to handle mission-critical demands at the enterprise level, yet, the definition of “mission-critical” is changing – as Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and soon Generation Z are all coming together to get big things done in the workforce that are inclusive of everyone. For our next generation of leaders to solve the world’s most complex problems, video quality for distance learning is mission-critical between educators and their students. In manufacturing, to keep our most creative business minds innovating, high-quality, multiparty mobile video is mission-critical for creating efficient – and responsible – global supply chains.

Mission-critical now means many things to many people. From better healthcare to good governance, today, there is no shortage of serious challenges that the world’s organizations are hoping to overcome using the best technology available. In increasingly urgent industries like healthcare, government, banking, field services, manufacturing, energy and more, organizations turn to Vidyo when dropped calls or poor audio/visual quality is simply not an option, regardless of what smart device you are using or what network you happen to be on. is opening up our enterprise-grade technology to any developer, by making life simple for those who want to better visually connect with their stakeholders using the unmatched dependability of Vidyo. Our self-service platform lets any developer, on any budget, easily embed video into their existing applications (or build one from the ground up) featuring the most resilient, reliable, high-quality technology available on the market today. Vidyo’s patented technology thrives in low bandwidth environments, where network errors exist, maintaining excellent performance at up to 20% packet loss and beyond. No other company can do this.

Take Advantage of Scalable Video Coding and Patented Video Routing Technology.

Video communications in general remain sensitive to error-prone networks, such as wifi and 4G – which is why scalable, multiparty video chat that “just works” from virtually anywhere – on anything – has remained elusive for many growing organizations. Calls drop. Quality suffers. On the other hand,’s outstanding error resilience makes scalable, reliable mobile communications not only possible, but dependable.

Delivered from the cloud through a global network of data centers with geographic optimization, the communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) is built on Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering technology, which dynamically optimizes the video experience for each participant – making the poor video user experience, regardless of what network you are calling in over, and what device you are using, a thing of the past.

A Complete WebRTC Solution, Makes WebRTC Easy.

Our partnership with Google, to develop a scalable extension for the VP9 codec as part of the WebRTC open source project, is helping to establish the future of video conferencing. Our vision for the future of work is an environment where video collaboration over mobile devices maintains the highest level of quality, regardless of variable wifi connections or low bandwidth – while being able to scale up at the same time to include more and more call participants.

WebRTC video from the ground up can be difficult for developers, because it requires additional infrastructure to support at scale as the number of call participants grows. This can become challenging, since the quality and reliability of video over mobile devices cannot be sacrificed, regardless of how many users join the conference or where they are joining from.

To ensure a highly scalable, consistent user experience, packages this necessary infrastructure (call control/signaling, firewall traversal) into our hosted PaaS, as a complete WebRTC solution for enterprise-grade, browser-based multiparty video chat applications.

In an increasingly BYOD enterprise landscape, multiparty video conferencing has exploded out of the conference room and onto our handheld devices. Featuring built-in resource management, a built-in, customizable multiparty rendering engine and automatic network adaptation, is simplifying quality, enterprise-grade mobile video collaboration for developers, whether you are helping to build a startup, running a small to medium-sized business, volunteering with an nonprofit/NGO or working within an enterprise corporation.

I am extremely proud of our outstanding and incredibly hardworking team on this noteworthy day for Vidyo. I am excited for a new era not only for our company, but for a reimagined concept of what video collaboration will now empower people to do. In 2005, Vidyo pioneered personal telepresence, on a mission to bring beautiful, immersive, life-like visual collaboration out of the conference room and better integrate it into our lives. The CPaaS, especially alongside the rise of amazing new technologies like the Internet of Things and augmented reality, is the realization of our company’s vision to video-enable the world.

Read the full press release. is available now – it’s fast and easy to get started – new users receive 4,000 free minutes (100,000 with a limited time offer), and there is no credit card required for initial sign-up, creating a no-risk development environment. Be sure to  join our WebRTC webinar, follow @Vidyo_io on Twitter, and keep checking back to the blog for more product updates.


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