Create Professional Videos for Consulting Services with Momindum

Provide specialized consulting services through professional videos with Momindum’s video broadcasting and managing solution. Send clients 1:1 video communication via email, track what videos your clients viewed, create presentations and so much more. Enhance the impact of your message and maximize the learning potential of your videos and presentations. 

Benefits of Momindum Professional Videos for Consulting 

Providing consultation services using professional videos is easier than ever. Momindum saves you money and time, all while maximizing the impact of your training strategies. 

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Centralize learning content in one place for your clients and share videos with a select audience of your choosing. 

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Momindum’s Screen sharing capabilities allow you to explain and demonstrate strategies to your clients through video. 

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Maximize the impact of your message by enriching your professional videos with subtitles, transcripts, and chapters. 

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Save money on hiring external contractors for high-quality videos, thanks to the Momindum Maker. Create your impactful professional videos with zero technical skills required. 

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Make your content easy to find on WebTV by filtering videos by relevancy, date, and topics. 

Momindum Professional Videos for Consulting Features 

Make offering consultation services through video seamless with Momindum. Provide high-quality presentations, feedback through video, monitor video views, and so much more. 

  1. Easily edit professional videos and presentations using Momindum Maker. Ensure your videos are  
  2. Advanced analytics allow you to track who viewed your videos, the duration, and the exact time stamps they viewed. 
  3. Conveniently store your video learning in one place using WebTV, where you can search, organize, and filter your videos. 
  4. Add subtitles and transcriptions to your professional videos for multiple languages in your videos, so you can guarantee effective communication with your clients. 
  5. Access content on any device, including mobile, tablet, or desktop 
  6. Include quizzes throughout your videos to encourage viewers’ memory of key points. 


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