Build Interactive Demos For Your SAAS

Create and deliver comprehensive demonstrations of your SAAS (software as a service) solution to clients with our Momindum video broadcasting and managing solution. With our robust demo tool technology, you can record, edit, store, and share your video content in less time than ever before. 

Benefits Momindum Demo Tool Offers to SAAS 

Creating high-quality SAAS demos does not need to be difficult. With access to the right demo tools, there are multiple benefits you will experience while producing, sharing, and storing your demos. 

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Enhanced ROI

Save budget on editing presentations in-house using Momindum’s demo tool, with little to no video editing skills required. Momindum makes creating a high-quality video easy and takes little time. 

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Better Client Engagement

With features like chapters, subtitles, and translation, you can guarantee your viewers are engaged and understand the solution you are covering in your demos. 

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Save Time

You and your clients will save substantial amounts of time on searching for video content using WebTV, where you can filter and organize your videos.

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Multiple Devices

Viewers can access content on any device, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Momindum Video Demo Tool Features 

Upgrade your SAAS demo videos with Momindum’s robust video demo tool. Our wide range of features will ensure your presentations are professional, easy to comprehend and appeal to your audience. 

  1. Momindum’s video demo tool includes screen sharing capabilities, allowing you to combine video and view your screen while providing demos for clients. 
  2. The incorporation of subtitles and transcripts to your demo videos will increase the absorption of information for your viewers, allowing them to fully comprehend the features of your software. 
  3. Answer questions with clarity by embedding videos in email. Rather than sending links to long resource videos, drawn-out written explanations, or trying to align your schedule for a live demo, you can simply send a clear and concise video to your clients. 
  4. Professional editing tools take your videos to the next level and offer a professional and high-quality touch. 
  5. Momindum’s demo tool offers advanced analytics, so you can monitor who has watched your content, how long they watched it, and exactly what sections of your video they viewed. 


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