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Crisis Communications

You can’t predict a crisis, but you can be ready for one.


Having an established crisis communication plan will allow you to communicate reliably in real time to all audiences. Video allows the creation and distribution of live and on-demand news in minutes globally—to any device. User analytics track consumption and level of engagement so leadership teams can understand the reach of messages and optimize your communication for future incidents.


There is no challenge because of complex networks and environments. Delivery will be flawless every time.


There is no room for ungoverned, high risk video content in an ever changing regulated environment.


There is no longer any obstacles because of the shear size of your audience. Neither is their location.


People Using Mobile Devices

The crisis should not be your inability to deliver critical information.

Crisis communications are time sensitive and must be accurate in delivery. Wrong information or timing puts employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the general public at risk, especially when physical safety is concerned, such as an active shooter situation, safety at a plant, product recall, or COVID pandemic communications. By planning in advance and having a global video communications tool at your service, you can efficiently share relevant information with each target group at scale.




With video, the command center doesn’t have to be at the epicenter of the crisis.

Crisis communication refers to the technologies, systems and protocols that enable an organization to effectively communicate during a major public or internal threat to its business or reputation. Qumu can be a critical tool in executing any crisis communication plan.



People Using Mobile Devices

An estimated 84% of organizations have an emergency communication plan in place, according to the Business Continuity Institute. But yet, nearly two-thirds say they are not confident about their preparedness for a crisis event.

People Using Mobile Devices

The Video Experience. Enhanced.

The need to connect hasn’t changed. How we connect has. The product launch, the town hall meeting, the response to crisis, or the continuity of onboarding, training and learning can all reach success with video. Qumu puts the right content into the right hands at the right time.



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