Virtual Courts and Justice

Video Conferencing for Lawyers and Law Firms

Improving productivity, securing sensitive client information, and cultivating collaboration across judicial practices is a top priority for the legal community. At Vidyo, we pride ourselves on providing a secure and compliant video conferencing for lawyers and law firms. Security is what we do best. Our advanced video capabilities empower law firms with a cutting-edge approach to maximize attorney time, maintain attorney-client privilege, and ensure business continuity. 

Law Firm Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing for lawyers need not be complicated. A productive virtual “face-to-face” meeting is just a few clicks away with video conferencing. By taking the right precautions and using the right tools, it’s entirely possible to video conference securely.  Here are some benefits of video conferencing for lawyers and law firms.

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Secure Sensitive Data

Control the way information confidentiality, integrity, and availability are handled. 

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Build Trusted Relationships

Innovative, easy-to-use tools boost client trust and satisfaction. 

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Focus on Billable Activities

Make technology work for you, empowering staff to be more efficient. 

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Improve Team Collaboration

Accelerate alignment across the firm from anywhere in the world. 

Law Firm Video Conferencing Features 

  • Security and privacy features with end-to-end encryption
  • Superior video and audio quality 
  • Easy integration into existing workflows
  • Schedule, host, and archive meetings all in one place 
  • Video calls, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and more
  • Whiteboarding and encrypted e-signing
  • Vidyo Virtual Courts and Justice for court proceedings
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Secure, confidential interactions anywhere, anytime.  

Vidyo provides a highly secure, scalable, and cloud-based video conferencing for lawyers and law firms. Our patented routing technology enables lawyers and law firms to connect with clients, outside counsel, and other team members with crystal clear, enterprise-grade video quality. Meet anytime, anywhere, on any device with the confidence that your sensitive information is secure, including files, text, screen sharing, video, and audio. Vidyo proudly maintains an information security governance policy that prevents misuse and malicious damage that could impact your organization. Impress potential new clients, strengthen current client relationships, and reduce malpractice risks with the industry’s most innovative law firm video conferencing platform.  


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