Virtual Courts and Justice

Virtual Visitations for Correctional Facilities

Ensuring the safety, security, and health of prison staff, inmates, and their families is a critical function of correctional facilities. Virtual visits for inmates via video conferencing are an excellent way to reduce security risks while aiding in rehabilitation, mitigating exposure to illness, and providing better access to proper medical attention. Vidyo’s virtual visitation helps reduce prison costs while delivering supportive links to the community for a more successful re-entry into society.  

Virtual Visits for Inmates 

Inmates can visit by live video using virtual technology on an institutional computer. This allows inmates to develop and maintain family and community ties when in-person visits are not possible. Virtual visitation does not replace in-person visits but it gives visitors another way to communicate with an inmate. Here are some benefits of virtual inmate visit. 

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Reduce Recidivism Rates

Creating bridges to community support and overcoming visitor barriers promotes productive re-entry and improves outcomes.  

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Encourage Safety and Security

Virtual inmate visits have been shown to improve behavior, fewer rule infractions, and increase treatment participation. 

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Maximize Facilities Budget & Staffing

Fewer labor hours are required to monitor in-person visits, contraband searches, and on-site visitor searches and processing. 

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Improve Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine increases inmates’ access to doctors while making it more affordable for prisons to provide care. 

Virtual Visitation Features 

  • Easy to use with an intuitive user experience  
  • Utilizes existing desktop and mobile devices 
  • Works with any application – Windows, macOS, Android 
  • Virtual medical consults expand access to healthcare 
  • Configurable by an organization, site, or department 
  • No app required 
  • Simple deployment – can be provided as an on-premises or cloud-based service 
  • Security and privacy with end-to-end encryption 
  • Superior video and audio quality  
  • Virtual Courts expedite pretrial release hearings 
  • Fully managed deployment, including testing and user orientation 
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Expanded Virtual Visitation Opportunities for Improved safety and Security 

Vidyo’s highly secure and scalable video conferencing solution allows correctional facilities to connect inmates to family, healthcare providers, and legal representatives quickly and easily. Our patented routing technology provides maximum uptime and continuously optimized video quality for a more reliable experience. Virtual inmate visits radically redefine the experience of confinement for prisoners, their families, and the institution – reducing recidivism and increasing public safety. 


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