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A secure virtual court solution that enables legal entities to remotely and confidentially collaborate and communicate.

Virtual courtroom solution offers judges, attorneys, and litigants a better court experience by providing greater access to justice while reducing the time and expense of getting to court – resulting in increased efficiency, case resolution, and quality of justice. 


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Virtual Court Hearings: Vidyo’s court video conferencing for remote hearings 

The use of court video conferencing for judiciary processes has increased exponentially. Whether to adapt to social distancing requirements from COVID or better manage ever-growing caseloads, video conferencing for remote hearings, sentencing, or mediation has become the new normal in courtrooms across the country. Vidyo’s Virtual Courts enables safety to court-goers while providing continuous support to court cases and unlike some other court video conferencing platforms, Vidyo comprises strict security protocols. 

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Speed up court processes with state-of-the-art technology 

With enterprise-grade video quality and customized workflows, courts can deliver a tailored engagement with true-to-life court flows. And just like an in-person court experience, Vidyo provides seamless access to virtual breakout rooms, whiteboards, document upload and sharing, and screen sharing. With Vidyo’s digital hearing room, judges, attorneys, or court mediators have complete control over the proceedings, managing the audio, video, and chat to ensure no one moves around without proper permission – preserving the authority and presence of the judicial officer or arbitrator.   

Benefits Vidyo brings to court video conferencing 

Vidyo’s highly customizable, ultra-secure video conferencing platform is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that boosts court efficiency – providing a higher quality of justice and serving the best interest of all parties involved.  


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Reduce Costs

Virtual court hearings reduce the financial  burdens and inconvenience of transportation and parking for litigants, court staff, attorneys, and judges, plus the costs of court staffing and inmate transportation.

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Reduce Tension

Many family court proceedings are super-charged with emotion. Virtual court video conferencing provides a barrier to gain control over these more difficult and stressful in-person encounters.  

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Remote virtual court hearings can be easily recorded, providing a thorough record of the hearings to all members involved, and an accurate recording for the press when needed. 

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Increase Accessibility

Taking time off work, scheduling childcare, and other special needs significantly impacts court attendance. Virtual Courts make it easier to attend, resulting in fewer default judgments and fewer failures to appear.  

Increase security

Increase Security

Transporting witnesses or inmates means increased security is required. Using a secure video conferencing platform from Vidyo reduces these risks while improving attendance for a more successful hearings.  

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Better Client Advocacy

 Thanks to Vidyo chat features, clients can discuss topics with their counsel privately without disrupting court proceedings. 



Reducing travel, expenses, and geographical barriers is beneficial for everyone involved. Virtual court hearings allow attorneys and caseworkers to attend multiple hearings in a day – helping increase case efficiency.

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With APIs, virtual courts can customize their video conferencing experience to meet their needs, provide additional features, alter security preferences, and so much more.  

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Easy Deployment

Virtual Courts can be provided as an on-premises or cloud-based service. 

Successful remote virtual court hearings have changed the future of law  

The pandemic changed our lives in ways that we could never have imagined. And when it came to our judiciary system, it wreaked havoc, bringing court cases to a standstill.  In a matter of days, all the known procedures went out the window, and Federal, State, and Local courts had to find a way to forge ahead. Fast forward to today, where we see more members of the courts enjoying the clear benefits of virtual court hearings.  

Vidyo’s Virtual Courts is being implemented for virtual courtrooms across the country, providing a safer environment for all participants while providing the much-needed support and continuity to court cases.  


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