Video-Enabled Branch

Even in today’s digital world, the branch remains a key component of the customer engagement strategy for most financial institutions. Video banking enables them to offer faster and richer services to their branch visitors through video kiosks or in private video-enabled rooms. In-branch representatives can also initiate video calls with subject-matter experts from other locations in order to provide additional services or insights during customer meetings.


Reduce average wait time

Average wait time went from 1.5 hours to under 2 minutes in some branches at Consumers Credit Union.

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Increase customer satisfaction

4.93 customer satisfaction at Diamond Credit Union.

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Optimize branch staff resources and real estate

No need to overstaff the branches to try to manage all types of inquiries.

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Increase first visit resolution

Customers get a comprehensive response, even if the expertise they need is not available at that location.

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Create a more efficient, scalable staffing and real estate model by enabling branch visitors to connect with remote experts on video banking kiosks or in video-enabled rooms.

Decrease wait times in busy branches by load balancing across entire branch network and leveraging centralized expert teams.

Offer branch visitors access to all services regardless of staff present on-site.

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