Video Client Engagement for Private Banking and Wealth Management

Wealth managers and private bankers need to collaborate closely with their clients to plan and and optimize their portfolios. They must meet regularly with busy clients to understand their needs and investment priorities.

With video banking, they can schedule video meetings to maintain a personal and meaningful relationship even during remote interactions, ultimately deepening relationships, building trust, and improving investment outcomes.

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Greater client convenience

Clients can enjoy an authentic connection with their advisers without visiting a branch.

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Stronger client relationships

Net Promoter Score 44% higher for video interactions than telephony at Barclays.

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Revenue growth

12% increase in sales of debt protection at Diamond Credit Union.

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Deeper wallet share

20% lift on cross-selling at BluCurrent Credit Union.

loan application over video

Host remote interactions with HNWI and affluent clients through high-quality video meetings that are as effective as in-person meetings.

Bring the most suitable experts to client meetings, regardless of location.

Share documents during remote conversations for better mutual understanding.

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