A New Approach to Recruiting

June 21, 2019

Implemented at Prinses Máxima Centrum (Netherlands) by Qumu Partner Videobookings.com

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The Prinses Máxima Centrum for pediatric oncology in Utrecht, Netherlands has a bold mission: to provide a cure and optimal quality of life for every child with cancer. And that mission is embodied in the organization’s innovative new facility integrating all complex cancer care, research and professional training—for the entire country. But opening the new facility presented a major challenge: quickly recruiting and onboarding more than 1,000 healthcare professionals, while simultaneously building “communities of care” that extended far beyond the Center.

The leadership team of Prinses Máxima knew from experience that anyone who visited the center and met the staff was immediately drawn to them both. With this in mind, they determined the best way to tell the organization’s story was to let their care professionals do it themselves thru the power of video. With strategic and technical guidance from the video experts at Videobookings.com, Prinses Máxima Centrum developed a plan for engaging the whole team—oncology physicians, nurses, researchers, medical specialists and support staff—in sharing their stories and expertise, providing an authentic, realistic picture of the Center’s impressive team and the vital work they do.

“Because the Prinses Máxima Centrum is a new hospital, we needed 1,000 new healthcare professionals very quickly. Qumu’s video platform and video app gave us the opportunity to develop a completely new approach to recruiting.”

Dieneke Mandema, Director of Organization and HR, Prinses Máxima Centrum

The Qumu Solution

Qumu was engaged to provide a sophisticated enterprise video platform that was secure, scalable, and designed for self-service. Qumu’s developer-friendly APIs made it easy for Videobookings.com to customize an app to the unique needs of the Prinses Máxima Centrum and its communities of care professionals, patients and parents. Using a mobile device, every team member was given the ability to record, edit and publish a video in minutes—and job seekers could quickly get to know the health care team and see the primary care physicians in action.

The Prinses Máxima self-service video capability is now serving a variety of use cases, including the following:

Employee Recruiting: Self-created profiles and work-in-action videos give potential employees a realistic and compelling idea of what it is like to work at Prinses Máxima Centrum, and demonstrates the team’s approachability, compassion and commitment to excellence. Results already show that team member-created videos are viewed more frequently and more comprehensively than traditional “produced” videos.

Employee Onboarding: New employees at Prinses Máxima Centrum not only need to understand how the work is done, but also how it connects to the culture. With videos created “by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals,” they can quickly get up to speed on both.

Community Building: Because Prinses Máxima Centrum can’t achieve its mission alone, the organization strives to build communities of care that include primary care physicians, counselors, patient families and other supporters. For that reason, the videos within the app are freely available to the public and the organization is steadily building its network beyond its base of 3,000 followers.


Qumu and its partner Videobookings.com are helping Prinses Máxima Centrum for Pediatric Oncology build its team and communities of care through video. If you would like to learn more about how the Qumu enterprise video platform can help your organization with employee recruiting, onboarding and collaboration through self-service video, please fill out our Contact Us form and someone will reach out shortly.

To learn more about our partner in the Netherlands, you may visit videobookings.com any time.


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