What is an Optimal Patient Telemedicine Experience?

January 28, 2022
  by Blog Team
A patient telemedicine experience with an elderly man sitting in bed in a video call with doctors.

As a healthcare provider, you want to ensure your patients are getting adequate care with every engagement, including telemedicine. But do you really know how telemedicine works from the patient’s perspective? If not, you may be surprised to learn that the experience can vary widely from one telehealth platform to the next. This blog shares what an optimal patient telemedicine experience is like with VidyoHealth from the patient’s point of view. 


How Telemedicine Works for Routine Visits 

With VidyoHealth, every step of the telehealth engagement is designed for an optimal patient experience, which means it is easy to use and easy to connect regardless of the patient’s device. What does the VidyoHealth platform deliver? Here are a few features.  


  1. Easy to use scheduling 
  2. No apps to download or logins and passwords to remember 
  3. Friendly reminders are sent through the patient’s preferred communication method 
  4. Enables “click to connect” for faster, easier scheduling and check-ins 
  5. Almost live interaction during the appointment 
  6. Survey’s and easy check-ins after the appointment ends 

How Telemedicine Works in Other Settings 

Many patients may not know that telemedicine can be used in situations other than remote visits with their doctor. While the purpose and location may vary, VidyoHealth provides the same, easy-to-use experience for the patient. Emergency care and remote patient monitoring are just two examples. 


How patients experience telemedicine during emergency care: 

  • Patients can be triaged remotely, which reduces ED wait times and facilitates faster, more appropriate care 
  • Remote triage can divert patients to lower acuity care settings, when possible, which reduced ED overcrowding 
  • Virtual consultations and assessments with emergency medicine physicians or high-demand specialists reduces delays in care and helps patients get the care they need faster 
  • Improves the patient experience 


How patients experience telemedicine during remote patient monitoring: 

  • Daily check-ins with providers enable better communication and faster intervention when issues arise 
  • Supports patients to better manage their chronic conditions through wearable devices at home  
  • 24/7 monitoring at home provides peace of mind for patients and their families 
  • Eliminates the need to travel to a provider facility to be seen 
  • Increases access to quality care for patients who live in underserved areas 


How HIPAA Compliance Affects the Patient Telemedicine Experience

Security is a critical part of providing an optimal patient telemedicine experience. But not all video solutions offer the same level of HIPAA compliance. With VidyoHealth, providers and patients can rest assured they are receiving the highest level of data security in the industry. Our telemedicine platform offers encryption designed to protect video streams during transmission so no unauthorized parties can access a video conference while in session.  


Our cloud-based solutions do not include the ability for either the customer or VidyoHealth to record videoconferencing sessions in the VidyoHealth Healthcare Cloud, although recording functionality is available to customers who wish to manage the recordings themselves within their own systems. VidyoHealth does not store or access any form of PHI while providing our healthcare cloud services offerings; our transmissions of communications are conducted over encrypted channels. 


VidyoHealth for Telemedicine 


Now that we’ve talked about the optimal telemedicine experience for patients, you may be wondering what the optimal experience should be like for you. At VidyoHealth, we’re more than happy to discuss how our telehealth platform works for providers. Our goal is to create a platform that promotes the best telemedicine visit possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our sales team to learn more. 

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