Reaching Distributed Teams Through Video

June 14, 2018
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Watch Now: How Does Qumu Help United Utilities Drive Employee Engagement?


As the largest operator of water and wastewater networks in the UK, United Utilities Group serves more than 3 million households and 200,000 businesses in the North West of England. Part of maintaining the massive infrastructure necessary to accomplish the company’s goals—which includes 180 reservoirs and 57,000 hectares of land—is regular and engaging communication with 5,500+ skilled employees spread across the region who keep the United Utilities systems up and running.

Using video for employee and corporate communication was not a new concept at United Utilities when they first approached Qumu. However, at the time the company’s existing enterprise video platform was difficult to configure, had no means of creating interactivity between executives and employees, and could not capture the data necessary to measure and analyze user engagement. In addition, the company had amassed so many video assets that their video library was difficult for employees to search and navigate—which reduced overall video engagement.

The Qumu Solution

United Utilities worked closely with the Qumu Professional Services Team to develop UUTube—an easy-to-use enterprise video portal that is branded for the company as a whole, yet customized for the various business units. The portal, built on Qumu’s enterprise video platform, provides United Utilities with an organized structure for capturing, storing, finding and streaming video content. And Qumu’s powerful search capabilities—which can pinpoint spoken words in audio tracks—help employees quickly find not just the right video, but the exact point they need within the video. Plus, the Qumu platform integrates seamlessly with the company intranet and Yammer social business sites, making it easy to discuss and share important videos one-on-one or within teams.

“The shift has been transformational for our internal comms. The user experience for remote employees is now the same as it is for those in the central office and we’re due to launch Qumu’s mobile app soon.”

With a dramatically improved user experience video views have grown to over 3500 per month, with nearly 30% of those views driven by the CEO’s monthly briefing. And because the new system allows employees to engage through commenting and liking videos, employees at United Utilities are proactively crafting the dialog with leadership.

“Qumu has enabled us to really craft targeted videos for our employees and connect with them with the same thought and intention as face-to-face communications.”

Additionally, Qumu Advanced Analytics gives the United Utilities internal communications team real-time engagement metrics and analytics—such as where people joined and exited the presentation, who asked questions and what types of end user systems they used. And because execs are no longer limited to blasting out a message with no feedback, the team is also seeing greater executive buy-in and confidence in the power of video.


Given the success of the launch of UUTube, United Utilities is focusing on the next phase. First, they are launching Qumu’s mobile apps—Qumu Capture and Qumu Viewer—to further improve the user experience and help executives be even more accessible to the remote workforce. And once employees are armed with these powerful apps, United Utilities plans to develop internal campaigns—to drive the creation of user-generated content and the overall adoption of video company-wide.

If you would like to learn more about how the Qumu enterprise video platform can help your organization increase employee engagement and better manage video resources, please fill out our Contact Us form and someone will reach out shortly.


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