Video-Enabled Branch – Video Banking

Create a more efficient, scalable staffing and real estate model by enabling branch visitors to connect with remote experts on video banking kiosks or in video-enabled rooms.

Decrease wait times in busy branches by load balancing across entire branch network and leveraging centralized expert teams.

Offer branch visitors access to all services regardless of staff present on-site.

Automatic transcript:

even in today’s digital world most
financial services organizations believe
that maintaining a branch presence is
essential for effective service delivery
and building customer confidence but
when your customer has to wait only to
learn that the expertise he needs is not
available it defeats the purpose of the
branch with video engaged every branch
visit can be fully effective if the
right branch advisor is not available or
if the wait time is too long
customers use a video banking kiosk or
go in a video enabled room to get the
service they need a branch advisor can
also invite a remote expert to join a
customer meeting in order to provide
additional insights for customers it
means a shorter wait time and consistent
high-quality service regardless of which
branch they visit for your organization
it means you can load balance across
your entire branch network which
positively impacts your bottom line

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