VidyoEngage for Home Banking


as online and mobile banking youth

surges financial institutions have fewer

opportunities to build relationships

with their customers and customers have

fewer opportunities to access the

expertise they need video engage enables

your customers to access specialist

expertise in person at any time in the

way that is most convenient for them

with a unified experience across desktop

and mobile devices your services are now

available when and where your customers

need you from your mobile application or

website customers can choose from a

variety of options to ensure they

connect with the specialist that best

fits their needs once in the queue

customers can learn more about your

organization through informational

videos and be notified when a specialist

is ready to connect because of a robust

set of tools from intuitive content

sharing the ability to invite another

participant such as an expert or the

customers partner and integrations with

third-party e-signature solutions

customer needs can be resolved in a

single interaction financial advisors

can also schedule video calls with their

customers allowing them to benefit from

the same quality of interaction and

level of service as if they were coming

to their office this results in an

increase in loyalty Net Promoter Score

and revenue ensuring your organization

is on the cutting edge of customer engagement

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