Video Banking: Save Money; Elate Customers

Discover what BluCurrent Credit Union already knows: Video Banking centralizes staff, reduces branch costs, extends personal service and improves cross selling. And as this video testimony makes clear, members love it (well, at least 93% of them do in this case).

Automatic Transcript:

BluCurrent is a credit union located in Springfield Missouri we serve 20,000
plus members and our goal is to try to help our membership, which is a
cooperative to be able to have financial services that makes their life better.

It really started with trying to be more efficient and more convenient. Video
banking makes BluCurrent more efficient because no matter what
location you’d come to you are entered into our queue and the order that you
came to the credit union. We centralized our workforce. The only way to do that
was either over phone or over video. By providing that video component to it it
allows a more personal touch when a member comes into one of our locations
they’re greeted at the door. We thank them for coming and then we identify the
reason that they’ve come to visit us today and so if they’re here to do a
typical transaction then we’ll take them through the teller line back here where
they can do that it’s normal deposit your check cash your check loan payments
that sort of thing if they’re here to do something more in-depth so a new account
a loan a more in-depth account question then we’ll take them over here to our
offices that we have where we do the video banking system our call center has
a queue and when a call comes in it queues up for that pfaff member to take
it and so what we were able to do was build in video calls under that queue as
well by centralizing our staff were able to service all brands in that same order
and so it really cuts down our wait time we see an average of about four minutes
wait times now for somebody to wait  across the board there’s no way we can
achieve that before we have a 93% satisfaction right at this point four
point five out of five members when surveyed say that they would refer this
process to another another member and so we’ve had great success that even
exceeded our expectations on what we thought it may
back to and it’s it’s not even the demographic thing which was really
interesting for us too we went into this thinking those that are maybe a little
more experienced in life may resist it a little more but the feedback we got
there oh yeah i video chat with my grandkids all the time and so it broke
down some of those misconceptions that we had about the process as well the
cross showing success has increased 25 percent since we’ve centralized our
staff and I see how easy and efficient quick this goes and the wait times are
less and those kinds of things to it it’s great we selected video for a
couple reasons the flexibility that it had in multiple devices the quality that
it provided and then they go up to 4k and I think even 5k I think quality was
a key component the support that we’ve received has been fantastic and the
entire team from sales to install to service after the sale and we knew that
if we’re again relying on this kind of product to bring our business charmander
that it had to be a quality player and so from from one end of the business all
the way through we had certainly seen a professionalism and equality there that
we want finding other place

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